The animation starts with a picture of a mother showing her affection to her son by kissing his forehead while he is sleeping. The video ends with a scene with Homer and Marge running while talking to each other. This simpsowave was uploaded by Neotic on April 18, 2017. This mix is 30 minutes and 10 seconds long.

Playlist used in this simpsonwave are nion – you me, joji — unsaved info, junyii. – 1 for leaf beach, Greibel Sanchez – Contigo, White Meng Da – no m e r c y,Husky – Joey Pecoraro, Xori – Dreamin, meltycanon – thankful, prima – autumn leaves, GRIZZLYDOR – i am tired, GRIZZLYDOR – i am tired, Altitude – Cherry and drip-133 & bine – piano wire.