In this simpson wave we can see Lisa walking in the street and she looks very hopeless. That is the only animation in the entire 30 minutes and 33 seconds video.

Music mix used are Rook1e – pure imagination [w/ j’san.], Sky.High – it’s late and I’m thinking about you again, Peter Grinnell – Sunset, invention_ – Sprxng *, engelwood – engelwood & simon eng – je te met au défi (feat. nohidea & bijou), Neotic & ?O? – HOPELESS *, utsush -´Heartbreak, fantompower – it’s raining in the summer but it’s all good.[w/ pkt], sayuw – Journey, Sky.High – twenty-four hours [ep.] [3 beats], Communion Cup and Someones Coat (TSUKI Bootleg) and blackendwhite — i never learned how to breathe. This was published by Neotic on July 22, 2017.