There’s a part in this short film where we can see Marge Simpson as a little girl talking to her friend while holding her lunchbox, Homer running in a dessert, Bart studying but his eyes looks gloomy. The last part of the animation shows Marge smoking. The simpson wave lasts for 30 minutes and 54 seconds. It was uploaded by Neotic on May 6, 2017.

The playlist are from soundcloud. Music used in the animation mix are Dust – Nuori prinssi, Kenai – im not crying its just raining , pretty – xxx, Sai Wai FT. H E RX- Kaleidoscope, Bassti – i’m sad, s w e e p s – swan song, lostronin – return to you. [w david], luvbird – dry rain, Aatsi – Funke, yung sherman – STAY FOREVER **, Kurogane Haito – Steel Heart, Varyant – Jfkay and Jazzinuf – Coffee And Cigarettes