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The Simpsons is a satirical TV show (cartoon) that depicts the life of a middle-class family. The family has five members. Homer, who is the bread winner, and Marge, a gentle woman (way too calm) who is taking care of her lovely family. Bart, the eldest son, is always getting into trouble. Lisa, the eldest daughter, is a sensitive and smart girl, and Maggie, the family baby who will surprise you from time to time. The show experienced tremendous success, and it has been on TV for almost 30 years. If you think about it, The Simpsons is one of the longest shows on TV. Except for soap operas, of course.

What is Simpsonwave?

In simpler terms, Simpsonwave is a genre of videos. Youtube is full of these videos, and people have turned them into memes. If one thing is for certain, that is the internet is full of memes. Memes are one of the most well-known phenomena online, and you have to admit that they are one hell of a pastime. People have been taking the meme phenomenon very far, which is why they have become a study subject in many universities. Leaving that aside, there is no way you have not seen a meme today. You find them everywhere like on entertainment sites, and let’s not forget about social media, which must be one of the largest places where memes are being re-posted, re-tweeted, and so on.

Chances are that you already are a meme connoisseur, and you may or may not have heard about Simpsonwave. It is not a new concept, people have been doing it for at least two years, but surprisingly enough, it caught on. Since the internet is the place where things live and day in a single day, two years is like decades in meme years. There is something about the Simpsons that people love. After all, it is an internationally known cartoon that has been around for almost 30 years. It is not a little matter that a TV show lasted that long, and it is still going on. As a result of its longevity, The Simpsons created some kind of nostalgia, especially for people who were there when the show first started. However, to understand Simpsonwave, we need to go back a little, and by back I mean the time when vaporwave started. You will see why.

What is vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a major factor because you will not know how to Simpsonwave without it. We will get to that later, but for now, let’s talk about vaporwave. It is a music microgenre of electronic music. Of course, by now everyone associates it with memes, but it is, in fact, a music genre. It is a combination of the 80s and 90s styles like elevator music, smooth jazz, R&B, and lounge music. According to Wikipedia, vaporwave is associated with a satirical take on consumer capitalism and pop culture. However, we are not actually interested in that. The thing that interests us is that vaporwave is meant to bring up feelings of nostalgia. Put that together with the 90s web design, and you have a lovely trip into the past.

How to Simpsonwave?

In order to create a Simpson video, you need to have the right elements and follow the steps. There is no good way of creating one; you can let your imagination and sense of creativity do their jobs. However, there are a few ground rules that will lead to a catchy Simsponwave.

Step one: you need a sequence out of a Simpsons episode. You can choose whatever has any relevance for you. Keep in mind that it would be best if you selected an episode from the first six seasons. Lots of people claim that the first six seasons are the best. Moreover, if you choose an episode released last year, that would not be so nostalgic, would it?

Step two: editing. You can edit the sequence you wanted in the 90s style. You can repeat a sequence or add other pieces of imagery above it. The sky is the limit. If you want to make the video catchy, you need to be original. Avoid copying other people’s work. You can use anything from glitches, doubles, static, or whatever else you saw that happens with a VHS in the 1990s. You know what I am talking about.

Step three: add the music to it. Do not use any kind of music. Otherwise, it would not be Simpsonwave. You need to use a vaporwave song. Preferably something put together by John Carpenter. Lucky for you, the possibilities are endless since vaporwave caught on since the early 2010s. After all, this is the internet we are talking about.

Is it going to last?

That is, in fact, a valid question. We are all aware how things go on the internet. A video that is viral today will probably die out tomorrow. People are actually surprised that Simpsonwave lasted for so long. Who knows if it is going to last? Memes are unpredictable, but you can give it a try. One thing is for sure, however. Simpsonwave is still relevant and is still interesting, which is why people still look for articles such as this one.


So what is Simpsonwave? For many, it is a way to pass the time. For others is a short trip to the past. To the cartoon that fascinated them and the sounds that were once everywhere. Even now, whenever you walk into an elevator and hear that annoying sound, it is like you turn back in time. Simpsonwave is a combination of two different things that together give a nice feeling. You may not like them apart, but together they make one hell of a team. Maybe you do not like nostalgia, but when it hits you, it is hard to resist. That is why Simpsonwave became so popular in the first place. So have fun Simpsonwaving!

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